Japan 日本 – 2017 Apr 16 (Day 3) – Tsuwano 津和野

Initially I had not planned for a trip to Tsuwano on Day 3 as it is actually out of the way from Okayama and I intend to visit it later when I head back to Hiroshima. However, while doing my research, I discovered that there is a Special Steam Locomotive that runs only during the... Continue Reading →


Japan 日本 – 2017 Apr 15 (Day 2) – Matsue 松江

Woke up to a rainy day in Okayama. Prior to the trip, the forcast had been sunny weather for the whole of my trip and I was quite sad when I saw the it is going to be raining on Day 2 of the trip. I had initially planned to make a trip to Tottori... Continue Reading →

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