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So…I have been wanting to get a blog to record my travel around the world as I have just discovered my love in travelling. Instead of spending thousands on a bag that I have to be careful not to get scratch or to get upset if it gets stained or something, I have come to realize that I would much prefer to spend the money travelling to various place for the experience.

I was never a traveller to begin with as I am not born with a silver spoon in my mouth and I can still remember during my primary school days when a lot of my friends are telling stories about visiting various countries, I can only be envy and jealous of them. I knew that my parents did not have the spare cash to splurge on such luxury and they had to work hard to make sure that everyone in the family is healthy.

I have never had an international passport till I was 15 when my uncle sponsored my very first trip outside Singapore & Malaysia to Hat Yai. I was so excited to take my first plane ride and getting my passport chopped at the custom! I still remember I bought all sorts of useless stuffs because to me, they are all souvenir from my very first holiday overseas. It was a fully sponsored trip by my aunt and uncle and I am really thankful for that.

And the second time I left Singapore on an aeroplane was in 2004. As a student, I worked very hard at my part time job and every school holiday is an opportunity for me to work more and earn more. I am a very poor student with a very small allowance on a weekly basis so it is impossible for me to have any spare cash to travel until I have graduated and got a proper job in a reputable company.

My first trip with my friend was to Bangkok and to be honest, it wasn’t a good trip. I have no experience in planning an itinerary and I left everything to my friends. I didn’t enjoy Bangkok from that trip. I was proven wrong in 2008 when another group of friends decided to plan a trip to Bangkok again and I was reluctant to join them initially because I didn’t think it was a nice place. However, I thoroughly enjoyed myself on this trip! Everything was well planned and I discovered many places I have not visited on my previous trip.

Yet, that didn’t spike up my interest in travel. The real change took place in 2013 when I planned my very first free and easy trip to Japan. I realized through my research that there are so many places I can go and recommendation by the locals are always the best. I stopped joining tour group and began the wonderful journey of planning an itinerary that will suits me best.

With this blog, I hope to be able to look back on all my past & future travel and hopefully it can help someone who is planning a trip just like me.

P.S: I am no professional blogger nor photographer. This blog is my personal space where I can document all my travel so please keep your critics to yourself if you do not agree with my posts.


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