Japan 日本 – 2017 Apr 17 (Day 4) – Okayama 岡山 & Kurashiki 倉敷

My plan was disrupted once again as it was another raining day. There were huge shower across the whole Japan so there isn’t anywhere that I can go, to avoid the rain. Initially I had planned to visit Tottori on this day so I went through my whole itinerary again and made plans to say close to the hotel, in case the rain gets bigger and I have to stay indoor.

I started my day by heading over to Okayama Castle. It was a short tram ride from the station opposite my hotel by the Higashiyama Line and alighting at Shiroshita Station.


Okayama Castle 岡山城 is a short 15mins walk and along the Asahi River. The castle is unique for its black exterior (yes even blacker than the Matsue Castle). I didn’t went into the castle as I have already read up before I came that the castle was rebuilt after WW2.

Okayama Castle and the bridge leading towards Korakuen


From the entrance of Okayama Castle, there is a bridge connecting it to the Korakuen 後楽園. Korakuen is a beautiful landscape garden and it is one of the top must-see destination in Okayama. I was really looking forward to it since it’s early spring but the rain was getting heavier by the time I arrived. I actually stood at the admission gate and pondered for a few minutes before I gave up and headed back to the tram station.

I headed towards the Okayama underground shopping street. There I discovered the Kitchen Runway! It is a street filled with many restaurants. To be honest, I had been having problem finding food in Okayama for the past few days and not a lot of the places I walked passed looks appealing to me. This place is like heaven.


I decided to have my lunch at chano-ma as I was attracted by the set lunch where you can choose 3 of your own sides and complete a set. It only cost 1,080 JPY!



Soup and rice are refillable upon request. I opped by the Omelette with Mentaiko, Chicken Cutlet and Shrimp & Brocolli. Even though the serving looks small, it’s quite filling for a lady. I guessed that is one of the reason why majority of the customer in this shop are female.17952673_10154587541978041_4093515223914544288_nimg_9370

I decided to stay dry and went shopping in Aeon Mall. This is a very huge shopping centre and you can find all the local brands and import brands here. I didn’t really buy much since I don’t want to carry a lot of luggage while transiting to Hiroshima and to Fukuoka subsequently.

My mind kept telling me to visit Kurashiki 倉敷 even though I knew that it was raining heavily outside. I have seen a travel program introducing this place and have been wanting to visit it since I visited Osaka 2 years back. In the end, I decided to head over to try my luck.

Unfortunately, it was still raining very heavily. Despite the rain, I can see that Kurashiki is a beautiful place. A lot of the shops are closed and there weren’t many people around. Majority are tourists just like myself trying to brave through the rain.

I didn’t stay long and headed back to my warm and cozy hotel room. I was glad that there was an Ippudo 一風堂 outlet just a 10mins walk from my hotel where I can have a hot bowl of ramen on this cold night.


Although I didn’t do much on this day and most of my plans didn’t went according to how I want them to, I think that this is going to become a reason for me to come back to Okayama again. Next time, I am going to see Kurashiki under a beautiful day and take a ride along the canal!


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