Japan – Chugoku 中国 & Kyushu 九州 – 2017 Apr 14-23

I’m heading back to Japan again! My dream is to visit every different state and city of Japan. This time round I have decided to pamper myself and redeemed a return business class flight to Fukuoka for my birthday trip. Read about how I accumulate my mileages here.

Being so excited about my trip also means that I have already planned my itinerary way in advance. For this solo trip, I am going to visit some of the less explored sites in the Chugoku Region.

Updated: Here’s the updated final itinerary for my trip! Due to weather condition, there was a bit of disruption to my original plan but I still managed to make the most out of my trip!

Day 1 – Himeji
Day 2 – Matsue
Day 3 – Tsuwano
Day 4 – Okayam & Kurashiki
Day 5 – Tottori
Day 6 – Hiroshima / Miyajima
Day 7 – Akiyoshido & Akiyoshidai
Day 8 – Fukuoka Ohori Park
Day 9 – Kawachi Wisteria Garden & Fukuoka
Day 10 – Home Sweet Home

There are a lot of travelling around the region for this trip. I will need to be based in 3 different city over my 10 days trip. Some of these destination requires more than 2 hours of traveling via Shinkansen (Bullet Train) & Limited Express Train. I am hoping that the visit to those places are going to be worth it.

Shall update more details closer to my departure date!


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