Indonesia, Batam – 2016 May 27-28

Batam is less than an hour away from Singapore and it is a popular spot where Singaporean spend their short weekend away for some good food, massages and shopping.

This was an impromptu trip with Jesslyn as we were just talking over messenger at work about a plan to zoom off for a R&R trip. Before we knew it, the plan was finalized in less than a day and the hotel and tickets were booked!

Departing Singapore
We booked ourselves on a Business Class Seat on Horizon Fast Ferry. Hah! Since we can’t afford Business Class Flight for personal vacation, there is no reason why we shouldn’t pamper ourself for this.

The usual two way tickets from Singapore to Harbour Bay, Batam cost S$48 and we just need to top up S$10 per way to upgrade ourselves to Business Class. With the upgrade, we are guaranteed a seat and there is no mad rush required to grab a seat together (as I have experienced in my previous trips to Batam).

Here’s a picture of the Business Class seats in the upper deck of the Ferry.


The seats are really spacious with plenty of leg space. I can stretch my legs out comfortably throughout the journey. It was also much more quiet in the upper deck away from the busy lower deck filled with hundreds of passengers.

Once the ferry set off for Batam, a small bottle of mineral water and some mentos were provided. Not something fanciful but we were still pleased and excited about it. It was an enjoyable journey for both of us.

Arriving in Batam
We were provided with priority when alighting from the Ferry and this was an advantage for us as we were the first in Q when clearing the custom. Definitely pleasant since we don’t want to waste any moment in Q-ing up.

Swiss-Belhotel Harbour Bay is just a short 10mins walk from the Harbour Bay ferry terminal. There are signs everywhere pointing you to the right direction so there is no way you will get lost. Or so we thought….

Since it was night time, we preferred to walk via the linked passageway and somehow we ended up in this huge but empty shopping mall connected to the hotel. There were security personnel everywhere and we were trying very hard to find the entrance to the hotel but they just kept stopping us. The worse part was that they can’t seems to understand English too.

It took us at least 30mins before we finally head out of the mall and try to find the main entrance to the hotel. The reception then explained to us that there is a wedding reception that night and hence all the connected entrance to the mall were blocked.

Checking in was a smooth process and the room is huge and clean.

Huge Bed!
standing rain shower

The first thing we did was to check out the massage packages in the hotel! That’s why we were there in the first place right?

rates for massage in hotel

It wasn’t exactly the cheapest we can find in Batam but as compared to Singapore, this is definitely good enough for us.

Dinner – Wey Wey Seafood
Wey Wey Seafood is a very popular restaurant located along the Harbour Bay. It is located just behind the hotel. Just becareful when you are there as there are various Wey Wey Seafood along the way and I am not really sure of the authenticity of those since there are usually empty.

Check out our spread! The food are delicious and cheap too.

After a filling dinner, we decided to take a walk at the mall connected to the hotel but it took us less than 15mins since the mall is almost empty! The only shops that are opened is the supermarket and some insignificant stores. Heading back to our room seems like a better idea.

Hotel Massage

Massage – Single Room

I booked myself a Swedish massage and Jesslyn went for the Aromatherapy massage. We were given a couple room as all the other rooms were taken up. The room was clean and smells nice.

We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. The massuers are good and I can feel my tense muscle finally relaxing. It was so good that we booked another massage session for the next morning. LOL!

Don’t forget to ask for the discount coupon from the reception if you decided to try out the massage. They didn’t give it to us but the staff at the spa told us that we can request for it.


We had a great chat back in our room, catching up and taking funny photos (they are too hilarious to share). I always enjoys a good chat with my buddies when we are away on a vacation. These days we are always texting one another that somehow I misses the days where we had to pick up the phone to call our friends and chat for hours non-stop. I’m that old school.

The breakfast spread in the hotel is good. There are a lot of varieties for everyone to choose from.

Cooked Food Section
Pastries Selection
Condiments for the porridge. Seriously I have never seen this many choices!
My kind of breakfast – loves the omelette!
Some local style noodles

We headed to Nagoya Mall after our morning massage and you wouldn’t want to know how much toiletries I’ve stocked up since they are cheaper in Batam (and since I’m already here…).

We had our lunch at A&W as we missed the Root Beer Float! Nobody does Root Beer Float better than them!


And of course….the curly fries!

Departing Batam
We spent almost the last dollar before our departure time! Well we didn’t bring a lot to begin with. Luckily we were able to swap our Ferry Tickets for an earlier departure so that saved us an hour or so.

Being in the Business Class also means that we get to enjoy the lounge at the ferry terminal, but don’t go expecting something like the lounge you see in the airport because this lounge basically just serves drinks and some chips.


Although it was a really short trip but it was time well spent with my BFF and it definitely met the purpose of my trip. Feeling relax!


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